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Doula Packages

Take advantage of these bargain prices while I’m still finding my feet! I look forward to ongoing learning & broadening my experience while supporting families through their labours, births & early months postpartum.

Pregnancy & Birth Support

This package consists of 3-4 visits before baby comes, discussing your ideals, helping you mentally prepare for bub’s arrival, sharing labouring & birthing wisdom with you, then I’m on-call for two weeks either side of your due date (3 weeks prior for multiples), I’ll be with you during your labour & birth, and will also visit with you twice after baby’s born.

Investment: $600

Caesarean Birth Support

This is a special birth package for families who know ahead of time that they will, or probably will, be having a caesarean birth, for whatever reason. (Just because mum won’t be experiencing labour and vaginal birth doesn’t mean that she can’t have a say in how her caesarean birth goes and personalise it according to her values!) This package consists of 3 visits before baby comes, discussing your ideals, helping you mentally prepare for bub’s arrival, sharing caesarean birth wisdom with you, then I’m available to be with you prior to and immediately following your surgery, and will also visit with you 3 times after baby’s born.

Investment: $600

Birth Planning Support

This birth planning package consists of 3-4 pre-birth planning visits, as in the Pregnancy & Birth  and Caesarean Birth Support
packages, without the labour, birth & postnatal visits.

Investment: $250

Sibling Support

If you have older child(ren) whom you’d like present at your birth, it can be so helpful to have a dedicated buddy for them, someone who is knowledgeable about birth and about young children, who can help prepare them and who can dedicate her attention to them amidst the flurry of activity of labour & birth. This package consists of 3-4 visits before baby comes, to get to know each other and learn what to anticipate (with age-appropriate information), full support throughout labour & birth, and meeting again after little sister/brother arrives.

Investment: $450

Primary Pregnancy, Birth & Postpartum Support

This primary support package is designed for women without a birth partner, going this alone – in other words, I will be your primary support person. It consists of the standard pregnancy & birth or caesarean birth support package (as above), plus an additional 8hrs of postnatal support spread over two additional weeks (content as described below).

Investment: $800

Postnatal Support

My postnatal package consists of 24 hours of support spread over six weeks. The visits consist of helping you adjust to motherhood! I can mind baby while you take care of yourself, I can help around the house with light chores while you spend time with baby, if you’ve got other kids I can help with them while you spend time with bub, I can be a sounding board, I can accompany you to any appointments or running errands…. I can basically be an extra pair of hands wherever/however you need it, just about.

Investment: $600

Infant Massage Education

This is an optional add-on to the above-listed packages, consisting of instruction in various infant massage strokes & techniques as taught by the International Association of Infant Massage.

Investment: $100

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