In Due Time Doula Care ~Jenn Beiswenger, Doula

Priceless Doula Packages

How much is a good birth worth to you?

How do you put a price on continuity of care, unfailing support, confidence, peace of mind?

How does the prospect of a restful, supported postpartum sit with you?

“If a doula were a drug it would be unethical NOT to use it.”

-Dr John Kennell, doctor of pediatrics and researcher known for his work in maternal bonding during childbirth and support of doulas-

Pregnancy & Birth Support

This package consists of 3-4 visits before baby comes, discussing your ideals around birth, however you want to do it; helping you formulate birth plans, sharing labouring & birthing wisdom with you and helping you mentally prepare for bub’s arrival. Then, I’m on call for you, for your labour, for 2 weeks either side of your due date (3 weeks prior for multiples) and will be with you during your labour & birth. I’ll also visit with you twice after baby’s born. In the event that you have a caesarean birth, whether planned or not, I will be available to be with you prior to and immediately following your surgery, and will visit with you 3 times (instead of twice) after baby’s born.

Investment: $1800 → 10% discount for home births

*Special for 2024: I’m eager to support VBAC (vaginal birth after caesarean) clients! VBAC mums often want a doula with prior VBAC experience (understandably!), which I don’t have, and won’t get until I have the opportunity to support mums with their VBACs, which is difficult to achieve until I have VBAC experience,…… It’s a vicious cycle. If you have had a caesarean birth, are keen to have a vaginal next birth and are due in 2024, I’m happy to offer you a generous 25% discount on my pregnancy & birth support package! (Drop me a line, let’s chat!)


Birth Planning Support

This birth planning package consists of 3 pre-birth planning visits, similar to the Pregnancy & Birth Birth Support package (above), without the labour, birth & postnatal visits. Can accommodate to vaginal or caesarean birth wishes.

Investment: $500

Sibling Support

If you have older child(ren) whom you’d like present at your homebirth, it can be so helpful to have a dedicated buddy for them, someone who is knowledgeable about birth and about young children, who is invested in their well-being, who can help prepare them and dedicate her attention to them amidst the flurry of activity around labour & birth. This package consists of 2 visits before baby comes, to get to know each other and learn what to anticipate (with age-appropriate information), full support throughout labour & birth, and meeting again after little sister/brother arrives.

Investment: $1400

Postnatal Support

This postnatal package consists of 24 hours of daytime support spread over up to 6 weeks. The visits consist of helping you adjust to motherhood! I can help you with breastfeeding, mind baby while you take care of yourself, help around the house with light chores or light food preparation while you spend time with baby, if you’ve got other kids I can help with them while you spend time with bub, I can be a sounding board, I can accompany you to appointments or running errands,…. I can basically be an extra pair of hands wherever & however you need it.

Investment: $1440 → 10% discount available for birth clients

Postnatal Support ‘Light’

This is a pared-down postnatal support package to help you find your feet, if the full postnatal support package feels like a little more than you need. This ‘light’ package consists of 9 hours of daytime support over up to 3 weeks.

Investment: $650 → 10% discount available for birth clients

Postnatal Overnight Support

This service is for families struggling to get decent sleep in the early days postpartum. I will come to your home and spend the night (10pm-7am) with your baby, caring for him/her in-between feeds, so that hopefully you & baby can get solid chunks of sleep. I will wake you to breastfeed when baby needs it, then take him/her back to change nappies & settle afterwards – or however much or little of that you want me to do. Additional hours can be tacked on for $60/hr.

Investment: $600/night for up to 4 nights per week

If you’re bottle feeding or desperate to have the whole night to yourself, I will bottle-feed your baby and care for him/her as above – yes, you have permission to sleep the whole night through – for an additional $100/night.


Infant Massage Education

This is an optional add-on to the above-listed packages, consisting of instruction in various infant massage strokes & techniques as taught by the International Association of Infant Massage.

Investment: $150

New Client Forms

Thanks for choosing me to be your doula! 😀 I look forward to taking this exciting journey with you.

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