In Due Time Doula Care ~Jenn Beiswenger, Doula

About Me


I’m Jenn. I’m a birth & postpartum doula. 🙂

I’m passionate about pregnancy, childbirth and child-rearing. My mission is to empower expectant mums to have the childbirth
experience they want, to support new mums through matrescence and to help families navigate the first precious months of bub’s life outside the womb. I will do what I can to help mum own the process of bringing her child into this world, and to have as positive an experience as possible.

I have experience with Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) & In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF), home, hospital, water, land and caesarean birth, and lots of practice, as a mum and as a former volunteer with the 3Bridges Early Years Support Services, supporting mums & bubs through the trials and joys of early infancy. I’m also available to be a doula for older siblings, to be their dedicated buddy throughout a labour & homebirth.

Babies have been my passion since I was a little girl. First it was baby dolls, then looking after other people’s babies; next I volunteered with teenaged mums and subsequently did an internship with a home & birthcentre midwife; eventually I was (am!) blessed with the the opportunity to mother my own child, then subsequently mothered new mums…. which brings us to the present day, when I support women through the process of matrescence: becoming a mum, joyfully and confidently. I loved being  pregnant, bringing my eagerly-awaited son into this world and caring for him, and I love supporting childbearing women to have their dreams come true, too.

Proud member of the Australian Doula College Community
Proud member of
Doula Network Australia
PIM-Friendly Practitioner
Certified in Gilligan's Guide for the Optimal Fetal Position for Birth
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Me, holding you, holding your baby ♥


• Graduate of the Australian Doula College Birth & Postnatal Doula training program – Feb 2023

• Certified in Gilligan’s Guide optimal positioning for birth – 2023

• Certified Perinatal Integrative Medicine (PIM) -Friendly Practitioner – 2022

• Volunteer with 3Bridges Early Years Support Services – 2018-2021

Bachelor of Arts in Biology & Human Sciences; thesis: Touch And Its Impact In Infant Massage – 1999

• Certified as Infant Massage Instructor with International Association of Infant Massage – 1998


Professional interests & workshops/webinars attended:
  • Energetics of Birth

     • Obstetrician’s Dilemma online symposium

     • Celebrating the Postpartum Renaissance

     • Homebirth

     • Homeopathy in labour & childbirth

     • Aromatherapy in labour & childbirth

     • constantly learning from & being inspired by Mel & B at The Great Birth Rebellion podcast!


• Passionate about babies since knee-high to a grasshopper 😉


A little more about me….

I am a wife and a mother, a daughter, sister, aunt and niece, teacher, artist and friend. Besides all things birth & baby, I love books, thrift shopping, spirituality, puzzles, Zentangle, emojis 😉 and healthy living. Born & raised in Canada, college-educated & married in the US, I’ve now lived in Georges River Council, NSW, Australia for over 10 years and I’m eager to support you in your childbearing process. ♥