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Welcome to In Due Time Doula Care, where we recognise that everything happens for a reason or a season, when it needs to happen,…. in due time. None of us is really in control of our lives, however it behoves us to do our homework so that we can increase the chances for a positive outcome. When it comes to childbirth, our bodies know what to do, but sometimes it’s hard to trust them, sometimes we need some support along the way. Parenting a newborn can be daunting! It can take a little while, and a little help, to learn the ropes.

I’m Jenn, I’m a doula, and I want to help you have the best labour, birth and postpartum experience possible,….. in due time.


A doula is someone who supports people through life’s transitions, providing physical, practical, emotional and spiritual support.

A birth doula supports childbearing women through pregnancy, labour & childbirth. She mothers the mother, supporting her through her labour, birth and beyond. A birth doula’s job is to listen to mum, to help provide her with information during her pregnancy, to help her figure out what’s most important to her in labour, birth & postnatally. A doula helps mum implement her
birth plan and achieve the support she wants, and also helps mum’s partner understand what to expect and how to support her.

A postpartum or postnatal doula supports new mums, who’ve just had their babies. Postnatally, a doula helps mum process her birth experience, navigate hurdles of early infancy, supports mum’s own recovery and provides an extra pair of hands.

Above all, a doula supports mum: she’ll do what she can to help mum have as positive an experience as possible.


What a doula is NOT is a trained medical practitioner. A doula does not replace a midwife or doctor. A doula does not have any clinical responsibility and does not perform clinical tasks, such as taking blood pressure, doing foetal heart checks or vaginal exams. A doula also does not make decisions for you. She is here to support you on your journey!


(Did you know? There is also such a thing as an end-of-life or death doula, who supports people through their final days, as they transition out of this world. I don’t presently provide those services, but they’re out there!)


When we think back to childbirth in western society in days of yore, or in many less- developed communities still today, the woman laboured in the company of other women: her own mum, aunties, sisters, experienced women from her village. We lost that over time, and mothers and babies – and society at large – are paying the price.

This is where doulas come in: we get to know mum during her pregnancy, then support her as a knowledgeable friend during her labour and birth, and/or after baby is born, too. If mum can (and wants to) have her partner, family member and/or trusted friend with her during this time, fantastic! -but if those people don’t have much experience with labour & birth or the postpartum period, or if they haven’t got the time to spare, they won’t be able to provide the full support that mum needs; and it isn’t entirely fair to expect them to provide support around something they don’t know a whole lot about.

A birth doula is intimately familiar with natural physiologic birth as well as induction, birthing aids (instruments & drugs), options (positions & alternative therapies) and caesarean sections. A birth doula can help mum prioritise her values and put them down in writing into a birth plan, then helps her implement her birth wishes and provides the support that she wants.

The postpartum period is no less important than pregnancy and birth: it is a critical time for bonding as well as nourishing – of both bub and mum! Historically, those experienced women surrounded the new mum and were invested in her well-being, providing her with emotional, spiritual and physical support. In the absence of built-in postnatal support, a postpartum doula can provide that much-needed extra pair of hands or an ear and a shoulder for the new mum to lean on.

A doula has a lot of experience and tricks in her doula bag to draw on, but her #1 priority is mum: a doula is there for mum and will support her unfailingly through this challenging, inspiring, *mind-blowing*, pivotal time in her life.


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My name is Jenn Beiswenger. I’m a birth & postnatal doula and I’m passionate about pregnancy, childbirth and child-rearing. My mission is to empower expectant mums to have the childbirth experience they want, to support new mum through matrescence and help families navigate the first precious months of bub’s life outside the womb. I will do what I can to help mum own the process of bringing her child(ren) into this world, and to have as positive an experience as possible.

You can learn more about me on my contact page.

Located in Penshurst, NSW, Australia

Serving Sydney & areas south, east & west ~ check the service area page for more details

👉🏻Service area moving to Toronto, Ontario, Canada in early 2025!🍁

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Doulas: changing the world one birth at a time
Doulas: changing the world one birth at a time.💜